Tips For Removing a Menstrual Cup

Tips For Removing a Menstrual Cup

Ok if you like me the first couple of times you might have started to break out in a sweat, tensed up and maybe worried that blood is going to go everywhere like a scene from the texas chain saw massacre.  

RELAX Superhuman, just take your time the first couple of times, give yourself permission to not be awesome at it right away and be willing to try a couple of different techniques to find out what works best for you.  


  1. RELAX:  Take your time, just like with insertion just give it some time.  
  2. DON’T PULL ON THE STEM: Feel the stem and use it to feel the base of the cup.  If you pull on the stem it’s going to be uncomfortable and when you pull it out it won’t be supported so it can create a mess when it comes out.
  3. RELEASE THE SUCTION: this is the trick you can either pinch the bottom of the cup where the ridges are to break the seal or you might find that you need to insert your finger a little further and gently push into the cup.  What you are trying to do it pull the cup rim away from the edge of the vagina to let air in and release the suction.   You will generally hear a noise when it happens.  
  4. TECHNIQUE:  you may be able to comfortably remove it after you have broken the seal or you might need to gently rock it side to side and pull the cup out at a sideways angle to let more air in


WHAT IF IT GETS STUCK - unlikely, “Anatomy says no…...” the vagina is only about 4-5 inches long and it can’t go anywhere the cervix will stop it in its tracks.   

I CAN’T REACH IT - fear not superhuman just make out like you’re doing a poop or “bear down” as they say using your stomach muscles to push it out.  You can always squat on the floor too this position will help lower the cup by shortening the vagina.  

THERE IS NO SINK IN THE PUBLIC RESTROOM - not a problem you can wipe it out with water of a menstrual cup wipe or you can take a drink bottle with some water in with you and rinse it over the toilet.


RELAX - I can’t say it enough when your vaginal walls are not tense it makes it a whole lot more comfortable.  “Like when you are try pry your hair out of the hand of a baby's chubby sticky death grip it’s a whole lot easier if  they loosen up the grip”

DRY HANDS -  sometimes it can be a little slippery so might help to have dry hands, toile paper does the trick and you might need to pause and re dry your fingers, as needed.

If you are still having a problem.  Send us an email and we would be more than happy to help out, not like come over to your house help out but handy handy words of wisdom to get that puppy out of there.