Our Story - Cleo Cup by Cleo and Co

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!  I'm Bronwyn Brown and I am the Founder of Cleo and Co and we make the Cleo Cup a kick ass, top quality menstrual cup that is changing the period game.  

I started Cleo and Co because I was over buying feminine products sold by "the man" whoever the hell that is and seedy sex shops that advertise discretion and don't care about quality.  I wanted good quality products, tested by vaginas and those who own them and I wanted to modify it to what works for them.  To make real products for real vagina owners.  I wanted a place where people felt supported in talking about vagina related things because its normal and I don't want to be shamed for it.  

The world is composed of half super women and super girls and 34% of those super women and girl will get their period this month.  So you would say its normal but we still get separated into gender specific rooms at school to talk about it and most guys don't want to know about it and are grossed out by it.  There are still girls in this world that drop out of school cause they get their period. 

I mean I get it I've been embarrassed at the supermarket buying tampons, let alone a super size (I mean what will people think? -I had a misconception that it was related to how big your vagina was and not flow - I know..silly).  I've been shamed with period stains on clothes and sheets, awkwardly asked to borrow a tampon and known there was an odor.  I've deliberately shifted conversations about vagina related topics around my friends and family. I have apologised for talking about something to with chick bits around male friends and partners. I have felt like I was sexualising vaginas when I just wanted to have a normal conversation.  It's awkward....... but it doesn't have to be.  

At Cleo and Co want to talk about it!  We want to make the uncomfortable comfortable and want to support women and provide women with some amazing and alternative solutions and options.  We want to talk about chick bits and we want it to be what we think it should be  - NORMAL.  Imagine this - someone is talking about the election (probably not me) and then someone is talking about a kick ass solution to detox your box and reduce the waste in the world.  Ride on my sisters and brothers.....Ride On!